Wednesday, February 1, 2017

3 Ways to Back Out of Buying a Home--Without Being a Jerk

When you're buying a home no one wants to be shackled to a place that they're no in love with. Here are some "get out of free" cards that you're realtor will talk to you about when you're buying:

1. Inspection Contingency
Have a home inspector come out, take a look at everything, make sure you're reviewing the neighborhood. Look at all of the factors that will determine what your life will look like in that house before you're shackled to it.

2. The Sale of Your Current Home
If you actually need to close on your current home before you can buy another, that is another "get out of jail free" card for you.

3. Homeowner Documents
Remember to think about the homeowner's association documents. Make sure you actually read through those things. There's CC&Rs, there's financials, check all of that out.

As Realtors, its our job to protect our buyers' earnest money and make sure that they're getting the home of their dreams for the life that they want to live.

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