Monday, January 30, 2017

What is a Victorian Home?

As you may have guessed, Victorian homes were introduced during Queen Victoria's reign in England. One thing you may not have guessed is that there are various styles of Victorian houses, including Italianate, Gothic Revival, and Queen Anne.

Victorian homes tend to be more expensive than other simpler homes such as Cape Cods and ranches. Though bigger in size overall, Victorian homes do tend to have smaller bedrooms and smaller closets.

If you're not able to picture what a Victorian House looks like, just watch an episode of "Full House." Yep, the Tanner home is a perfect example of a Victorian home with its multiple levels and ornate features.

Bottom line: While some may find them too busy or problematic, if you are a romantic at heart and want to feel a bit like royalty, a Victorian home could make you swoon.

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