Friday, January 27, 2017

Fix a Leaky Faucet Before It Drives You Insane!

If you go straight to the pros and hire a handyman or plumber, a leaky faucet repair can end up costing $150 to $250. "I would charge at least $145, depending on the extent of the leak," says Marc Ricco of R&L Heating and Plumbing, in Norristown, PA. This option is good for people who lack a decent set of tools, or are all thumbs when it comes to repairs.

That said, if you're reasonably apt at DIY tasks it's entirely possible to fix a leaky faucet yourself. While the price will depend on the model of your faucet, most name brands offer faucet repair kits that can be found at most home improvement stores for $10 to $20.


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