Monday, June 5, 2017

6 Must-Do Improvements Before Selling A House

Selling a house is hard enough, but doing these 6 simple things can increase your property value and maximize your house's sellability.

1. Back Yard Appeal
Adding flowers and furniture to your backyard will increase it's appeal and make buyers more interested in buying.

2. Embrace the Hardwood
Homes with wood floors typically sell for a higher price.

3. Fix 'em Up
Doors and windows that don't work properly set a bad tone for the whole house. Make sure they are in working order, or replace them!

4. Scrub it down!
Before you list, scrub your walls clean and then repaint using neutral colors to make your house seem larger and cleaner.

5. Scrub those too!
An often overlooked thing to clean are your cabinets. Make sure the insides are clean, but also make sure the outside of the doors are free of grime.

6. Lighting Upgrade
Old lighting fixtures are a way to tip off how old a house is. Fix the fixtures in order to keep your house appealing!

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