Sunday, April 13, 2014

Idaho Vacancies Have Hit Record Lows in 2014

Now is good time to look at purchasing rental property!

Vacancy Overview

Mountain States Appraisal surveyed over 13,000 apartment units in Ada County in January, and the numbers may surprise you. With demand way above supply this may be the perfect opportunity to pitch investors to invest in Idaho where the vacancy rate is the lowest in the country. Look below to see how vacancies have dropped 7 percentage points in the last 5 years.

Units SurveyedReported VacancyVacancy By Bedroom Count
1 BR2 BR3 BR
January -201213,6894.5%4.0%4.6%6.3%
January -201113,6895.7%5.6%5.9%5.8%
January -201013,2949.4%7.3%10.5%13.6%
January -200913,2889.5%7.9%10.3%11.7%
January- 200813,4135.6%4.9%5.8%7.2%
January- 200713,4564.2%3.2%4.7%6.4%
January -200614,1136.9%6.1%7.3%9.7%
January -200513,6598.5%6.4%8.8%14.6%

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